My name is Lynne, and I’m a 40-something running junkie.  I started running about three years ago at a time when I swore I’d only run if my life were in danger.  On the advice (and challenge) of a friend, I laced up my first pair of road shoes and hit the pavement – I’ve never looked back, and I’ve since found a love for both trail and road running.

For the first year I ran alone, convinced I’d never, EVER want to run with other people.  Then, through the magic of social media, I discovered running groups and the concept of relay racing, along with trail racing and endurance running.  From that first hesitant run with a group (I almost backed out) through my addiction to relay races, I’ve now become a “groupie” and found that running alone is just…boring.

To date, I’ve completed over 30 half marathons, 3 marathons, 6 relay races, and an Ultramarathon. I log nearly 40 miles a week and race every weekend I’m free, having eleven Ragnar relay races on the calendar for 2016.

This blog is meant to chronicle my adventures in running, pass along some worthwhile advice (when I have it), and generally provide information on why running is awesome and running with friends is even better!

I hope you enjoy the blog and find something useful, informative, or entertaining here!


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